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Dorling Kindersley Ltd , Mai 2018
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72 S. - Sprache: eng - 279x215x10 mm
The perfect guide for any football fan who wants to know everything about the "beautiful game" - from World Cup winners and champions past and present, to football skills and techniques. With billions of people watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup and around 265 million players worldwide, football really is the world's best-loved sport. Get in the know and learn about all things football with Eyewitness Football, packed with fascinating facts and amazing images - helping football come alive for fanatics everywhere. Action-packed pictures help you to relive those moments of glory, while record breakers and national team profiles are listed for quick-fire mastery of famous football history. Results from recent tournaments, including the UEFA Women's EUR0 2017, bring you up-to-date with football facts. Club shirts and memorabilia are pictured from years gone by, as well as shining trophies, and bite-sized biographies of well-known players, from Lionel Messi to Zinedine Zidane, fill you in on those important details needed to impress. You can also read up on tricky tactics, freshen up your football skills knowledge, and get to grip with the science and technology. Eyewitness Football also includes a fold-out poster to hang on your wall. Eyewitness Football has all the facts you need to become a football know-it-all.Previous edition 9781409349365
1: The global game2: History of football3: Laws of the game4: The referee5: The pitch6: Football skills7: Goalkeepers8: Tactics9: Injury time10: Footballs11: Boots12: Football kit13: Accessories14: Famous players15: Winning feeling16: Big clubs17: The fans18: Match day19: The stadium20: The World Cup21: Top trophies22: Playing the game23: Memorabilia24: The business of football25: The science of football26: Did you know?27: Who's who?28: World Cup wins29: National teams30: Find out more31: Glossary32: Index

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